VyOS Foundation

VyOS Foundation Goals

Members, Funding, Benefits

Simple structure: community and corporate memberships.

Community member status will be available to everyone who has a track record of project activities, whether they contributed code, improved documentation, promoted VyOS, or helped other people on the forums and chats, or supported us on Patreon and BuyMeACoffee.

Community members will have voting powers and access to LTS images and private channels. Community members can also be elected into the board and the technical steering committee—those benefits are not reserved for corporate members only, and we want to make sure community interests are always represented.

Corporate membership is designed to allow companies to participate in the project decision-making process to ensure that project direction is aligned with the business goals of the members.

Our organization will be funded through a combination of donations, membership fees, and additional commercial activities (hardware certification, software certifications).

Marketing Benefits
Use of VyOS Trademark for commercializationA
Member logo/name listing on VyOS websitesN/A
Case studyN/A1 per year2 per year2 per year
Blog PostN/A1 per year1 per quarter2 per quarter
Social media spotlightN/A1 per year1 per quarter2 per quarter
Event sponsorship discountN/A
Solution / Product listing on the VyOS webN/A
Technical Benefits
Individual access subscriptionN/AN/AN/A
Corporate access subscriptionEligible Contributors
Multi CloudPack AccessEligible Contributors
Eligible to participate in workgroupsEligible Contributors
Access to private slack channelsaccess to
access to
Dedicated channelDedicated channel
Technical Training
Governance Benefits
Influence strategy and adoption
Board seat2
(community election)
TSC seat2
(community election)
Eligible to lead workgroup and/or committee
Eligible to vote on projects
Full-time engineers assigned to VyOS Project DevelopmentN/ANot required but recommendedMinimum 1 Developer2 or more Developers
Type of organizationIndividualsAnyAnyAny
Use VyOS in productionN/A
Annual Membership fee EUR90 EUR9000 EUR9000 EUR9000 EUR
Annual Membership fee CHF100 CHF10000 CHF10000 CHF10000 CHF
Annual Membership fee USD110 USD11000 USD11000 USD11000 USD

Interested in Corporate Membership?

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Individual Membership For all Programers

Everyone who is helping the project can become an individual member. If you contribute to the code, write documentation, help other people on the forums and chats, you can participate in the project governance and vote for decisions.